Monday, November 14, 2016

Butterfly Print SCHOOL Backpacks for Tweens & Teens

Eastsport Denim Butterfly Print Backpack

This page would be all about butterfly print backpacks for tweens and teens to take to school.
Butterfly prints are beautiful because butterfly itself are very beautiful an nice to admire. I love butterflies and prints all over the backpacks would make the perfect combination. Just because you're not a little girl anymore doesn't mean you can't rock a butterfly backpack!
  Backpacks are personally handpicked by me so if you click on one of those links and is not available- let me know by commenting below.

Grab this cute blue butterfly print backpack here

Mocha weir JIAYBL Children School Girls Ladies Women Backpack
This white and colorful butterfly print backpack is awesome for middle and high school girls. Very light but spacious backpack.  This backpack screams SPRING!

White Butterfly Backpack

Dog Pawprint Cat Fingerprint Backpack for Elementary or Middle School Girls (Butterfly Black)
Look at this beautiful black butterfly print backpack for teens. So beautiful and spacious as well. I know middle schoolers carry books and a lot of school supplies. This backpack is just perfect. Has a lot of storage and can make your life a lot easier. Plus it is totally fashionable.

Vbiger Canvas Backpack for Women & Girls Boys Casual Book Bag Sports Daypack (Butterfly White)

I love the colors and the patterns of this beautiful and gorgeous backpack.  This backpack is so pretty and colorful - the best thing about it is that it has butterflies all over it! Has two front pockets to fit pencils and pens.

Butterfly Canva Backpack

Bebamour Butterfly and Sweetheart Pattern Kids' Backpack School Bags (Black)

This pink/black and colorful backpack would be great for a middle school or elementary girl. It has plenty of storage to put all your school supplies.  Love the backpacks swirls and bows and flowers.  Are you ready to be that unique fashionable girl in school?

Butterfly Pink and Black Backpack

Camouflage Butterfly Student Bookbag Backpack | School Book Bag | for Boys and Girls
This butterfly backpack has more neutral colors but is totally cute too! It is a simple but pretty butterfly backpack.

Plain Butterfly Backpack

Lily Bloom Lizzy Backpack (Woodland Butterflies)

A beautiful butterfly canva print backpack. I just knew i had to put this one here. It is awesome for high school girls since they tend to like small bags.  Spring or Summer, butterflies are still cool.

Blue and Yellow Canva Butterfly Backpack

Signare Womens Tapestry Small Flap Buckle Rucksack Backpack in Butterfly Design
This is a more clean looking butterfly backpack.  Big and medium butterfly makes the backpack look classy.

Brown Butterfly Backpack

Backpack for School College Laptop Travel and Sports with Cool Cute Print (Butterfly)
This pretty looking denim butterfly backpack is super adorable! The butterfly print looks as if are just sticked to the bag which makes the butterflies pop out!

Cute Blue Butterfly Print Backpack

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