Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Cute Galaxy Girl Backpacks for School

EcoCity Stylish Fashion Galaxy Stars School Laptop Backpacks Book Bags (Stars Pattern 1-Green) BP0038G1

This is my top cute galaxy girl backpacks for school. Galaxy backpacks get popular every back to school. I personally never owned a galaxy bag, but if i were to go back to school - that would be my first choice. Something about the bright beautiful colors make us love galaxy themed backpacks.

If you like the backpack above you can get it here: Unisex Galaxy Backpack

HEYFAIR Women Casual Galaxy Print Canvas Backpack School College Bags Travel Daypack (Grey)

This dark galaxy backpack is one of my favorites. The colors are dark but still screams Universe! It is big and has enough storage in the pockets and inside. Would be ideal for a college student, high school, or even middle school girl!

Dark Galaxy Canvas Backpack

KISS GOLD(TM) Unisex Nylon Galaxy Pattern Laptop Backpack Rucksack Daypack, Purple
This girly and stylish galaxy school backpack is just awesome, isn't it? Pretty affordable as well. Has one huge pocket in the front- can't complain!

Pink Galaxy Backpack

Jansport Superbreak Unisex Multi Intergalactica Stars Backpack
I love that this Jansport backpack has three main colors mixed: white, pink, and purple. The backpack truly looks different from every angle. Great quality Galaxy bag!

Jansport Galaxy Backpack

Artone Universe Galaxy Padded Daypack with Laptop Compartment Fit 14" Laptop Deep Blue

Oh my stars! This galaxy backpack is truly beautiful! Is like I'm literally looking at the stars! Any girl would love to get this bag any time of the year!

Star Galaxy Backpack

Besporter Galaxy Pattern Unisex School Travel Laptop Backpack in Purple
A cute large galaxy backpack is just what a girl with a lot of things to carry is what she needs. There's a lot of storage here and is pretty too!

Purple Galaxy Backpack

Fashion Printed TrendyMax Galaxy Pattern School Backpack Cute for Girls (Purple)
This a very bright galaxy canvas backpack! I love canvas backpacks because of the storage and also because are so stylish! Just like this one on top. There are different color galaxy backpacks available for you to choose the best one!

Galaxy Canvas School Backpack

[HotStyle Fashion Printed] TrendyMax Galaxy Pattern School Backpack Cute for Girls, Green

I know what you're thinking - this one is the same one as the one at the top! Well not true! Look at the colors very well and the brand is different!

Blue and Purple Galaxy Backpack 

Pink Faux Leather Backpacks for School

BOSTANTEN Rivet Leather Backpack Purse Satchel School Bags Knapsack for Women Pink
Are you looking for pink faux leather backpacks for school? Look no where else, i personally went looking for the best pink fashionable backpacks out there for this year. Leather backpacks are turning very popular this year. So cute and on the go. There are plenty of colors out there but in this page we will showcase pink leather backpacks specially for school or when you go out with your friends.

- Go here to check out Black Faux Leather Backpacks for School

Pink Faux Leather School Backpack

This is a Kendall & Kylie backpack. Beautiful pink leather backpack ready for traveling or school! 

Tonlili Cool Leather Mini Womens Backpacks Purse Shoulder Bags Pink
Look at this super cute rose pink leather backpack. Even though all the school backpacks are pink, there are some bright ones and some that are a little darker. This cute stylish backpack is rose color.
Mini Pink backpack is totally adorable!

Rose Leather Backpack

This beautiful Moschino leather pink mini backpack is #Goalssss

Copi Women's Modern Design Deluxe fashion Backpacks One Size Pink
What about this good looking pink backpack, is this the one of you taste.  Love the gold colored zippers, makes the leather bag stand out a little more. Also has plenty of storage- perfect for school!

Pink Leather Backpack

This bright fuschia pink leather backpack is for those that like to stand out from the crowd. Very girly leather backpack. You're going to love getting so many compliments at school! Also available in different colors!

BOSTANTEN Vintage Women's Leather Backpack Casual Daypack Handbags for Ladies & Girls Pink

This super cute dark pink for perfect for those girls out there who are not really a fan of light pink tones but prefer this one. I can almost say this leather school backpack can also pass by a purple if it was just one tone darker. Pretty and classy.

Dark Pink Leather Backpack

MIUCOO Fashion Shoulder Bag Rucksack PU Leather Women Girls Ladies Backpack Travel bag (Pink)
When i saw this pink backpack  I fell in love with it, well more with the style of it. I love the two double front zippers in the front. This pink faux leather backpack is stylish and ready for any crazy adventures with friends.

Cute Pink Leather backpack

Coofit Women Soft Leather Lovely Backpack Cute Schoolbag Shoulder Bag (Pink)

This pink leather school backpack is just great for school. It has two front pockets, just what you need for school supplies as well as plenty of storage for books and notebooks. Great for middle and high school girls!

Pink 2 front pocket leather backpack

PU Leather Designer Mini Backpack Purse Handbag for Women and Girls (Pink)
When you have the choice to get a leather backpack with two different colors might as well take it. This beautiful leather backpack comes in dark pink and black and has descent front pocket storage for school supplies. There are also light pink and black available!

Pink and Black Leather Backpack

A Beautiful studded mini pink backpack. Great quality and awesome brand! You serious could never have enough pink!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Small Black Faux Leather Backpacks for (Women and Teens) for SCHOOL!

Tiny Chou(TM) Girls Mini Woven Spikes PU Leather Backpacks Cute Travel Daypack Black
WOW! Take a look at this super cute small black faux leather backpacks for either women or teens. These beautiful leather backpacks are perfect for school or when planning a trip. Very fashionable and clean looking!

There are some mini black backpacks here as well as large leather backpacks and some of these bags can be purses  too! How sweet!

Grab this Mini Black Leather Backpack

Cute Girls Small PU Leather Backpacks Satchel Tote Purse Handbag Travel Daypack,Black
Look at this cute leather handbag- so perfect for a teen to take it to school or when traveling. Easy and very comfortable! Other cool colors are available too.

Get this Black Leather Backpack

Coofit® Leather Backpack Girls Schoolbag Shoulder Bag Casual Daypack with Bowknot

This super cute black faux leather backpack is perfect for any women out there that doesn't like bags all black. The beige colors makes the leather backpack look clean and fashionable.

Get this Bowknot Black Leather Backpack

Look at this super cute black mini leather backpack. Totally in love with it. Has two front
zipper pockets, great place to place your wallet and other things.

Santwo Women's Mini Rivets Waterproof PU Leather Shoulder Bag Casual Daypack Backpack (black)
I fell in love with this cute stylish waterproof leather backpack. I love all the details of the black bag. What more stylish can you get? It has a spacious front pocket and also has id pocket, cellphone, etc. Available in different colors as well if you're not feeling the black.

Stylish Black Faux Backpack

BlackCoofit Backpack for Girls Chic PU Leather Outdoor Daypack Cute Shoulder Bag
This clean looking black leather backpack is also stylish.

Black Leather Backpack                                                                     Black Fringed Backpack

AMA(TM) Women Girls Leather Backpack Satchel Travel Shoulder Bag Schoolbags (Black 1)
The floral print is what making this super mini black backpack unique. Perfect for any
teen or women. Also other colors are available and most importantly very affordable.

Floral Black Mini Backpack


This super cute black and red/white/blue leather backpack deserves to be in this list. Its a mini leather backpack.  Great for school or for travel, any female would love to get it as a gift.

Get the Black Texture Backpack

Betsey Johnson Mini Convertible Backpack - Black/Multi
This is a Betsey Johnson black backpack! I love Betsey Johnson collection- girly and stylish. This black backpack is totally the opposite of boring. Great for any teenage girl to take to school and get a lot of compliments on it. The front pocket has a lot of storage.

Black Backpack Betsey Johnson

BlackCoofit Backpack Soft Leather Schoolbag Girl's Drawstring Casual Daypack
If i could go back to my first year of high school, i would totally take this cute black leather backpack. It has two front pockets, clean looking and stylish.

Black 2 pocket leather backpack                                                                 Mason Black Backpack

Monday, November 14, 2016

Butterfly Print SCHOOL Backpacks for Tweens & Teens

Eastsport Denim Butterfly Print Backpack

This page would be all about butterfly print backpacks for tweens and teens to take to school.
Butterfly prints are beautiful because butterfly itself are very beautiful an nice to admire. I love butterflies and prints all over the backpacks would make the perfect combination. Just because you're not a little girl anymore doesn't mean you can't rock a butterfly backpack!
  Backpacks are personally handpicked by me so if you click on one of those links and is not available- let me know by commenting below.

Grab this cute blue butterfly print backpack here

Mocha weir JIAYBL Children School Girls Ladies Women Backpack
This white and colorful butterfly print backpack is awesome for middle and high school girls. Very light but spacious backpack.  This backpack screams SPRING!

White Butterfly Backpack

Dog Pawprint Cat Fingerprint Backpack for Elementary or Middle School Girls (Butterfly Black)
Look at this beautiful black butterfly print backpack for teens. So beautiful and spacious as well. I know middle schoolers carry books and a lot of school supplies. This backpack is just perfect. Has a lot of storage and can make your life a lot easier. Plus it is totally fashionable.

Vbiger Canvas Backpack for Women & Girls Boys Casual Book Bag Sports Daypack (Butterfly White)

I love the colors and the patterns of this beautiful and gorgeous backpack.  This backpack is so pretty and colorful - the best thing about it is that it has butterflies all over it! Has two front pockets to fit pencils and pens.

Butterfly Canva Backpack

Bebamour Butterfly and Sweetheart Pattern Kids' Backpack School Bags (Black)

This pink/black and colorful backpack would be great for a middle school or elementary girl. It has plenty of storage to put all your school supplies.  Love the backpacks swirls and bows and flowers.  Are you ready to be that unique fashionable girl in school?

Butterfly Pink and Black Backpack

Camouflage Butterfly Student Bookbag Backpack | School Book Bag | for Boys and Girls
This butterfly backpack has more neutral colors but is totally cute too! It is a simple but pretty butterfly backpack.

Plain Butterfly Backpack

Lily Bloom Lizzy Backpack (Woodland Butterflies)

A beautiful butterfly canva print backpack. I just knew i had to put this one here. It is awesome for high school girls since they tend to like small bags.  Spring or Summer, butterflies are still cool.

Blue and Yellow Canva Butterfly Backpack

Signare Womens Tapestry Small Flap Buckle Rucksack Backpack in Butterfly Design
This is a more clean looking butterfly backpack.  Big and medium butterfly makes the backpack look classy.

Brown Butterfly Backpack

Backpack for School College Laptop Travel and Sports with Cool Cute Print (Butterfly)
This pretty looking denim butterfly backpack is super adorable! The butterfly print looks as if are just sticked to the bag which makes the butterflies pop out!

Cute Blue Butterfly Print Backpack

Cute American Flag Print Backpacks for School

T-Shirt & Jeans Americana Back Pack, Mule   Patriotic Red White Blue Flag Backpack Back Pack

Are you looking for some cute American flag print backpacks for school? American flag print backpacks are always in style and trending! Perfect for time of the year. Since school is year round, American flag print backpacks are as well.

American Flag Backpack, Americana Rucksack Bag, Team USA, 12x15 In. Fits Tablet

I totally love this beautiful American flag print backpack. Is it super cute and very patriotical. I love the star prints in the front pocket. Would be a great backpack for a boy or girl.

Oh my goodness, look at this super cute retro American print backpack! This is not a very typical backpack, the print and word prints make it very unique!

JanSport Super FX Backpack - White/Faded Stars / 16.7"H x 13"W x 8.5"D

Look at this awesome fashionable American Print backpack! And is Jansport known for great quality bags and also cool to wear to school. Love the fade colors on it, it doesn't totally stand out but would absolutely be unique! Who isn't ready for a great school year with this backpack?

Gracefulvara School Bag Backpack Shoulder Bag American flag

What about this super cute American Flag Print backpack? Look at the bright colors, this would stand out! Show your pride for this beautiful country! 

Patriotic American Flag Printed Canvas Cotton Backpack
Look at this cute patriotic backpack! It doesn't have as bright colors as the other ones but it is cute too :-D this beautiful blue American flag backpack can be a great fit for a elementary, middle, or even high school student. 

Juicy Couture Bags - Juicy Couture American Flag SOLD IN A BUNDLE

When i saw this Patriotic backpack, i fell in love with it! I love shimmer and this backpack has it! So cute and beautiful!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pineapple Print Backpacks for School

Image result for pineapple backpack

Pineapple print backpacks are the coolest Jansport backpacks you can take to school. Whether you're a middle school/ high school or college student, people are going to LOVE your pineapple bag!

Pineapples bags would be perfect to take on summer or spring but the whole year would also be nice!

Blue Banana Women's Pineapple Backpack - One Size

Oh my goodness!! Take a look at this beautiful black pineapple backpack- so cute and spring alike! I totally love that is floral and with pineapple prints all over it! Makes it look very cool- or perhaps i love black.

D.Catman Fashion Fruit Pineapple Printing Satchel Waterproof Campus Backpack (White)

Look at this tiny but fashionable pineapple print backpack! NOTICE: ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK. I personally love both colors but black is my favorite since small stains are hardly noticeable. 

This pineapple print backpack is most likely for college students or high school teens. Or maybe middle school, if you're a cool one :-) since you like pineapples, i'm sure you are. 

Womens pineapple fruit shape bag straw bag beach bag

WOW What a super cute pineapple shape backpack or bag! I'm in love with it! This is so perfect for summer or even spring! Unless you carry a lot of books and notebooks to school- you can totally take this to school! :-) 

Kangkang @ Ms han edition backpack small and pure and fresh pineapple fruit bag patch PU bag backpack rivet (black)

This cute black backpack is not printed with pineapples all over it, just three one quarters of pineapple print do we get - bummer! I feel like spongebob when those weird creatures got to his house and ate his pineapple house. Well, it's still cute but not my taste.

Fresh Canvas Women Backpack School Bag BackPack Schoolbag Bagpack Mochila Fruit Pineapple (Beige)

This pineapple print backpack is cute! I love the pineapples all around the backpack! Another color is available as well- CHECK IT OUT.


Image result for be a pineapple


FL Women's Canvas Lightweight Pineapple Backpack Travel Bag School Bag Daypack

Look at this edgy pineapple backpack! Since pineapples should be yellow instead of black- i think this backpack can then be used for any season. It is edgy and cool! It still has pineapple printed all over! :-) 

Hotstyle Pineapple Kid's School Bag Fruit PU leather Backpack

Another cute and fashionable pineapple print backpack! Totally love that it's simple but looks absolutely cute! One pineapple print on the bag. Looks like someone drew it! So cute! 

Youngmars Canvas Partysu Schoolbag Packable More Design Printing Mini Bag (Pineapple)
I love the color pink- so when i saw this super girly pink pineapple backpack- I was yelling! Very cute backpack. I think this pineapple bag is perfect for all ages! I mean, who doesn't like pineapples and the color pink?

Okay okay- I know what you're going to say. This backpack is not fully printed.. It has one pineapple so that counts. Plus i think is so adorable.. What do you think?

Pineapple String Backpacks
Muxika Fashion Unisex Top Quality Pineapple Painting Backpacks 3D Printing Bags Drawstring Backpack
Look at this awesome pineapple string backpack- Pineapple print backpacks. This is a super cute pineapple travel bag for teens, kids, or even adults.

Grab this Pineapple String Backpacks

BESSKY Unisex 3D Pineapple Watermelon Drawstring Backpack Shopping Bag Travel Bag
Look at this totally adorable and bright pineapple and watermelon rint string backpack. Whether you're in sports or take field trips often- this girly backpack would be perfect.

Pineapple and Watermelon String Backpack

Aivtalk Gym Sackpack Vintage Print Drawstring Bag for Women & Men - Pineapple

This Pineapple print string backpacks with the summer logo in it is just perfect for that sunny season! This bag is so California!

Summer Pineapple Print Strings Backpack

Euone Pineapple Printing Drawstring Beam Port Storage Bag Travel Bag Gift Bag (L)

Look at this super cute pink pineapple string backpack. Unique and girly! Any kiddo or teen would love it. :-)

Pink Pineapple Backpack